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Electronic Cigarettes 101: How to speak “vape” – A glossary of terminology and slang

If you’ve ever hit the internet in search of information on electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, you may have given up your search pretty quickly, especially if you’re new to the idea of using either one. The terminology is interesting and can seem like another language. Just like with learning anything new, there is a learning curve. We put this guide together of some of the most important and commonly used slang terms so that you can understand what someone means when they are talking about box mods, atomizers, ohms, and sweet spots.

510 / 808 / 901: These refer to threading and are different models of atomizers. Just like different chargers are adaptable to different electronics, this is the same idea. You want to be sure that your battery port will fit your 510 atomizer if that’s what you have. A lot of the newer models enable you to use any model of atomizer and are adaptable.

Atomizer: This is the heating coil used to turn liquid into vapor. This can be used along with a tank.

Cartomizer – Also called “Carto” is a device that both holds liquid and holds the heating unit.

Clearomizer: This is a clear cartomizer that enables the user to see how much liquid is left.

Dripping: Adding liquid to the vaporizer tank one drop at a time as opposed to storing it in the atomizer.

Dry Burn: This term is used to describe firing your vaporizer without any juice in it to get rid of buildup and to increase performance.

Juice – This is a slang term for liquid used in the tanks of vaporizers

Ohm: Ohm is the measurement of resistance.

Sub Ohm Vaping: This is vaping at a resistance of less than 1.0ohm.

Sweet Spot: This is obtained by using many different variables (Wattage, Voltage, and Resistance) to find the right settings that deliver the ideal vaping experience. The sweet spot varies from person to person and is based solely on opinion.

Variable Voltage: Variable voltage refers to a feature on box mods that allows you to control the power output. Higher voltage means hotter vape and more flavor.

Variable Wattage: Variable wattage allows the user to set a desired output and it will adjust the voltage automatically to achieve this.

Wattage: The measurement of power delivered by your device. This is abbreviated W. For example, there are vaporizers that vape up to 20W, 30W, even 150W.

Vape – Vape is a shortened form of “vaporizing” and is slang for the action of using a vaporizer. For example: “I got a new e-cigarette, I’m going to go home and vape.”

You may come across a number of other terms, but these should be able to get you through the majority of review websites and online stores without being totally mystified and out in left field. Vaping indeed is like its very own language but the more you practice, the sooner you’ll be talking vape without even thinking about it.